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How to get clients, market effectively, and leverage your expertise to build a successful private practice that changes lives and makes a significant difference in the world.

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For Therapists, by David Steele, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

From Therapist to Coach: Leveraging Your Clinical Expertise to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice

From Therapist to Coach book

If you’re a therapist attracted to coaching as a positive, goal-oriented model of helping your clients, this book is for you! Integrating coaching into your practice allows you to work with motivated, functional, private pay clients and build a fun and profitable business that makes a significant difference in the world.
Highly recommended!

“The definitive resource for therapists curious about coaching.”
—Sharon O’Farell, MIHA

“This is the best book about coaching and building a successful coaching practice I’ve read so far.”
—Irina Hart, MFT